14th Annual Haunted Trail in Skerry

Submitted Photo by Darwin TrombleyOne of the sights that greeted those brave enough to walk the Haunted Trail in prior years.

It is time again for the scary antics and thrills of the Bangor Volunteer Fire and EMS Department’s 14th Annual Haunted Trail. The dates for this year’s event are October 16, 17, 23, and 24. The spookfest will again take place in the eerie and creepy woods of Eggleston Memorial Park at 672 County Route 12 in Skerry in the town of Brandon. Where else would you have a “haunted” trail but in Skerry?

The pathway of horror and terror promises to be as thrilling and spine-tingling as in past years.

Members of the Bangor department are looking forward to a record attendance at this year’s spook-a-thon. The department is hoping to recover the revenue lost when the annual Demolition Derby was cancelled this year due to the COVID–19 pandemic.

All fund-raising money will be used toward the purchase of two new fire apparatus to replace an aging engine and engine-tanker.

There will be additional regulations this year to be COVID–19 compliant with the requirements of both the state and Franklin County Health Departments. All patrons and participants will be required to have their temperature checked before entering the event. Registration of names and social distancing will also be enforced. Face masks must be worn by all patrons while in line and on the “trail of terror.” What better place to have to wear a mask than at a Halloween Haunted Trail? We encourage all attendees to be creative with their mask wear.

Last year’s ghastly event saw many new individuals and groups participating in the two-weekend fundraiser. Members of the department wish to thank all that contributed to scaring the daylights and other things out of the patrons brave enough to dare the excitement of walking the “trail.”

The department extends a frightening invitation for these and any newcomers wishing to enjoy the thrill of petrifying their neighbors, friends and family.

Those wishing to occupy one of the five “shelter” tents that are strategically located along the wild forest trail will be allowed early access to make ready for their part in the honors of horror. There will also be available several areas along the trail in the forest for those that wish to occupy them. Anyone interested in participating in this year’s weekends of fright should contact any Bangor Fire Department member at the station on U.S. Route 11 in North Bangor.

To get to Eggleston Memorial Park: From Route 11 in North Bangor, turn south at the caution light, cross the Route 11B intersection heading south onto County Route 13, which will connect with County Route 12 in the hamlet of Skerry. Approaching from Route 11B in Bangor, turn south at the Bangor Town Garage. Just follow the signs. From Route 11B it is approximately 4 miles on the left, just before the Brandon town garage.

Tickets go on sale at 6 p.m. on all evenings. The last ticket sold will be at 9 p.m. sharp.

Event cancellations will be posted on Facebook.

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