2021 was the second warmest year in Malone since the weather station was opened by the NWS in 1982, second only to 2020. Two years earlier, 2019, was the coldest year since 1997. The mean temperature for 2021 was 45.7 degrees, 2.8 degrees above normal and only 0.2 degrees cooler than 2020. Except for February and July, which were colder than normal, the rest of the months were all warmer than normal, with seven of those months (January, March, April, June, August, October, and December) significantly above normal.

There were 16 days with record high temperatures and two setting a record for low readings. The highest temperature in 2021 was 91 degrees in June; there were only two days with temperatures reaching 90 degrees or above all summer, both in June. In 23 of the past 39 years the high temperature never reached 90 degrees. In 1992 the hottest temperature all summer was only 84 degrees.

The coldest temperature in 2021 was minus 20 degrees on February 13th. There were 21 days with sub-zero readings. For the past 39 years Malone has averaged 20 days per year with sub-zero readings and two days with readings of 20 below zero or colder. Over the past 39 years the lowest recorded reading was minus 31 on February 7, 1993. The coldest year, with an annual mean of 40.3 degrees, was 1992.

The last freezing temperature last spring was on May 28th and the first frost in the fall was not until October 23rd, giving us 147 days between freezing temperatures. The average number of days between frosts over the past 39 years is 145 days.

The last measurable snowfall last spring was on May 1st and the first measurable snowfall this past fall occurred on November 26th, the latest date for a measurable snowfall. On Christmas morning, Malone had two inches of snow on the ground.

Precipitation (rain plus melted snow) for 2021 totaled 41.05 inches; normal is 39.92. July through November were all wetter than normal, with February significantly above. The other six months were drier than normal, with May significantly below. Precipitation extremes since 1982 are 30.38 inches in 1984 and 47.04 inches in 2011.

2021 statistics for Malone

Mean temperature: 45.7 degrees

Normal mean: 42.9 degrees

Warmest year: 2020 (45.9 degrees)

Coldest year: 1992 (40.3 degrees)

Highest temperature: 91 degrees, June 7

Coldest temperature -20, Feb. 13

Total precipitation: 41.05 inches

Normal precipitation: 39.92 inches

Least precipitation: 30.38 inches (1984)

Most precipitation: 47.04 inches (2011)

The accompanying charts graphically depict how temperature and precipitation in Malone for 2021 compare with 39 years of data (1983 through 2021). Whether it’s due to global warming or not, it’s obvious that temperatures are warming locally.

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