With all of the sickness going around, I figured this would be a good time to talk about what we do if our animals get sick.

Like any living thing, cows get sick too. Whether it’s a common cold or they have an infection, they need to be treated.

When you go to the doctors, they give you a check up, right? Well cows have check ups too. A few times each year the vet will come and do a herd health check. What that means is that they want to make sure all of the animals are


They start with the calves and go all the way to the oldest cows in the barn. If an animal is sick, the vet will give the farmer a medicine to give that animal. This medicine will help the animal get better faster.

Now what about when cows get hurt? How do they have surgery if there is an accident?

Well, you can’t put a cow in the back of the car, they would be too big. So what happens is the vet will bring everything to the farm. They find a clean spot and make sure the cow is happy. The vet then fixes what is wrong with the animal so nothing worse happens, and then the cow will be as good as new.

The farmers also separate the sick and hurt cows so they don’t get injured in the barn. This makes it so they can heal faster and better.

If nothing is wrong with the animals, they are given a clean health chart that says they are in great health.

Remember to wash your hands and stay safe with the pandemic happening. Thank your farmers for supporting our country in this scary time, and remember where your food comes from.

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