Local 4-H member Adyson Miller, was recently crowned the 2020-21 New York state Guernsey princess at the New York Guernsey Golden Showcase held in Cortland.

Adyson has been a 4-H member for six years here in Franklin County, where she worked with and fell in love with the Guernsey breed her very first year leasing a heifer. She then decided she would like to be fully committed to not just the dairy industry, but to the Guernsey breed by owning her own animal. She was awarded the 2017 NYS Guernsey scholarship calf.

State Guernsey breeders have a strong belief in providing opportunities for their youth members. From a very successful calf scholarship program, the association has gained 25 and counting new youth members over the past 21 years that the program has run –– three of whom reside right here in Franklin County: Adyson Miller, Grace Harrigan and myself (from many years ago).

Scholarship youth all start out with just one Guernsey, and more often than not that is just the beginning to the building of their own little herd, and more importantly ,a stepping stone to finding their passion in the dairy industry. As Adyson begins her reign as state princess, Grace is finishing her reign as the national guernsey queen.

In order for both young ladies to perform their duties, they need to develop their public speaking skills and ability to communicate with the public, and develop poise and decorum when representing the breed at events. Speeches are often given at a number of events where the youth have the power and responsibility to promote the Guernsey breed and the dairy industry.

I greatly commend the New York State Guernsey Breeders in holding to their values and belief that the youth are our future. By allowing the youth to participate in the association and to provide leadership opportunities like the Princess program, the breeders are choosing to have a strong association in the years to come.

Congratulations to both Adyson and Grace on jobs well done, and having the courage and drive to go after these roles and succeed,

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