The Epilepsy Foundation of Northeastern New York (EFNENY) is excited to announce their expansion of programs and services into the Adirondack region of New York. Thanks to a dedicated fund at Adirondack Foundation that was established by a generous donor, EFNENY will provide programs and services to those affected by epilepsy, as well as their caregivers and the North Country community.

“EFNENY is grateful to Adirondack Foundation for this opportunity to extend our services, including information and referral, seizure recognition and first aid training, school education, support groups and art therapy to individuals and families affected by epilepsy who are living in the North Country. These services provide essential support for individuals and families as they navigate an often long and challenging journey through the initial diagnosis, obtaining access to the best treatment, and living with seizures,” says Jeannine Garab, the Epilepsy Foundation’s Executive Director.

“The newly established Epilepsy Support Fund – one of more than 260 charitable funds at Adirondack Foundation – supports critical initiatives to improve awareness of epilepsy and increase the understanding of the nature and impact of seizures on families who are affected,” said Cali Brooks, President and CEO of Adirondack Foundation. “Given the expertise of the Epilepsy Foundation of Northeastern New York, we are confident that grant dollars from this fund will go a long way toward helping thousands of people in the Adirondack region who are affected by epilepsy.”

One in 26 people will develop epilepsy over the course of their lifetime. Of that number, roughly one- third are unable to control their seizures with any of the treatment methods currently available. The Epilepsy Foundation has conducted market research, and will begin community outreach, with the goal of identifying the needs of people with epilepsy in the North Country. For more information about epilepsy, or our programs and services, please contact Jeannine Garab at 518-456-7501.

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