Kinney Drugs has expanded its “Love Local” product range through three new partnerships with Vermont CBD producers Sunsoil and Vermont Farmers Hemp Company, as well as Head & Heal of Central New York. Each brand produces sustainably farmed, organic CBD oils, salves and capsules, which are available on Kinney’s shelves now.

“CBD has become a popular topic with both consumers and pharmacists alike. CBD or cannabidiol is a chemical found in the cannabis sativa plant, also known as hemp. More than 80 chemicals or cannabinoids including CBD have been identified in hemp plants, many of which have medicinal properties. Now more than ever, questions are coming in about CBD’s uses and efficacy. Patients are using CBD products for relief from stress, anxiety, sleeplessness and pain,” said Dr. Shannon Miller, PharmD, Kinney’s director of patient outcomes.

Before adding any CBD products to its shelves, Kinney Drugs sends them through rigorous third-party testing so that the company and its customers can be 100% confident that product labeling is 100% accurate. This is an important differentiator for Kinney and something its customers and employee-owners appreciate.

“You can buy CBD products in a lot of interesting places these days,” said Miller. “Kinney has been a trusted hometown pharmacy for 118 years, and we need to be completely confident in the quality of our CBD products and what is – and is not – in them.”

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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