Nicholville Woman earns MMA Black Belt

Submitted PhotoPictured are Sonny Duquette along with Abigail Duquette who earned a MMA Black Belt. Sonny is Abigail’s father from Nicholville, NY.

Nicholville: U.S.A. Hall of Fame Inductee and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Master Instructor Sonny Duquette is proud to announce the promotion of his daughter Abigail (Abby) Duquette to the rank of MMA - BLACK BELT. “I am obviously very excited for this”, Duquette said. “Abby started training in our kids class in 2005 and as she grew older, as a local Police Instructor for years, I eventually used her yearly at the Canton Police Academy and most recently the Potsdam Police Academy to help me train and spar with the police cadets. Just last year Abby helped me at the SUNY Potsdam Police Academy in training Police Officers from a variety of different agencies from 4 counties in gaining their Defensive Tactics Police Instructor status so that they can go back to their agencies and teach. Abby has 14 years of training in Mixed Martial Arts which covers Muay Thai Kickboxing, Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, also known as ‘Cage Fighting’. These last 5 years specifically I have been training her privately with only hand-picked training partners to get her to this final level. She has won Martial Arts Tournaments in Albany, Syracuse and Burlington, to name a few. It was amazing to watch her win the Teen divisions then be asked by venue promoters to compete in the Adult Division, in which she would finish 1st or 2nd each time. I’ve been instructing for 25 years now and of the thousands of students I’ve taught, only 23 have made it to being named as one of my Black Belts. It’s no easy task by any means. I am overly excited to name Abby as not only Black Belt -24, but the only female Black Belt ever to come from my Dojo. I am one proud father, that’s for sure. My wife Denise and I, as well as Abby’s older brother Ryan and sister Racheal, are very proud to see Abby finally reach this moment. It’s a very special moment for our family. I would also be remised not to mention Abby’s longtime boyfriend Spencer Reuss who volunteered himself to countless hours to be on the other end of her takedowns, submissions, sweeps, strikes, escapes, counters. etc. He also played a pivotal role in allowing Abby to get in her extra reps outside her normal training routine. Abby has had a lot of help along her route to this rare accomplishment, and I know she would want them all to know she thanks them very much, as do I. This doesn’t happen without any of them.”

Abigail Duquette: 20, is a graduate of St. Regis Falls High School, and is a sophomore at SUNY Potsdam majoring in Business Administration.

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