The following students are recognized for the Principa/?Honor Roll at Salmon River Central for the second semester:

Grade 3 Principal’s List

Juliet Normandin

Grade 3 Honor Roll

Grace Cook

Kayzlie Deshane

Braelyn Guadalupe

Adam Russell

Henrik Campeau

Levi Chapman

Jasper Dear

Brynn Martin

Anna Reardon

Eloise Stark-Schrader

Adeleine Arney

Kalli Fleury

Emma Shanty

Grade 4 Principal’s List

Emmalynn Bickford

Noah Carroll

Grade 4 Honor Roll

Alexis Avery

Bryce Benore

Francesca Bigness

Addison Fleury

Liam McCaffrey

Layla Robertson

Oliver Rubadeau

Katie Thompson-Snyder

Isabella Tierney

Mikayla Bashaw

Jayda Donahue

Dominic Johnston

Miley Maes

Vayla Pepin-Collins

Audriana Terrance

Ivy Washburn

Caitlin Corrice

Rynn Fiedler

Razzlie Waldron

Tyten Wylie

Grade 5 Honor Roll

Hope Rockhill

Parker Cook

Brody French

Payton Gray

Kendyll Laughing

Kahionhatakie Mitchell

Eastan Rockhill

Carson Burwell

Tamieka Plumb

Kayne Ransom

Lily Sency

Zoie Shatlaw

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