When I was a boy, I lived in rural northeast Pennsylvania. I had a dream that someday, I’d build a church across the road from my childhood home and pastor there. Of course it would have a large congregation.

After going to Bible college, my dream shifted as the “field that the church was to be built on” was sold and a house was built there. I now envisioned taking a charge of a small pastorate somewhere and building the congregation to thriving growing large church.

My first church was in White Haven, Pa., with about five people attending. The conditions were not the best and in about one year, I left that charge to go to Tonawanda, N.Y. The congregation there ran in the 30-40 range. I stayed there for 11 years, but still my dream of doing something big was not attained.

I pastored another small church for one year in Haverhill, Mass. Then I went to Grand Gorge, N.Y. Some growth was seen there and we broke the record attendance two or three times while we labored there for 13 years.

Now I am starting my 14th year in Brushton. We still have several empty seats, are still trying to reach the community and area but falling far short of the dream that I envisioned as a child. I finally have come to grips that I am working for the Lord and serving the group of people that God has entrusted to my care.

I find David being a man that had a dream too. He had been a warrior and a successful one at that. He did have a desire that we are told about in 1 Chronicles 28. He wanted to build a house of worship for the people he was king over.

God told him that he was not going to be allowed to fulfill that dream. He had shed much blood as a warrior and his son would be the one to build the temple. He sorrowed but did initiate the gathering of the materials for Solomon, his son, to construct the building.

I can imagine that David was very disappointed, as it probably would have been his most fulfilling accomplishment of life. He did not let the disappointment rob him of the opportunity of supporting Solomon in his work of building.

Like David. we must not let ourselves look at others and see the mission that God has given to them –– even if it looks like something we would liked to have been chosen to do rather than the work God has given to us. This seems like it is a trick of the enemy to make us discontented where God has placed us to work.

Now in that same chapter we see Solomon as he receives his commission. David tells him what God has told him. David encourages Solomon by letting him know that God will help him even though he does not have the experience that would seem to be necessary to take on a challenge such as this. He lets him know that God will help him through the entire project and will not leave him alone until the project is completed.

So today I would tell you that God is faithful and will help you as you undertake what God has assigned to you. He will help you to the end. You are not alone in carrying out God’s will, He will give grace, guidance, help and strength.

So, what we gain from this account is this: Don’t be discouraged if God does not see fit to have you perform the dream YOU have for your life. Be faithful and trust God for His help in performing what His “dream” or purpose is for your life. You will find that His way is best and also most fulfilling.

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