I am praying to you in my time of trouble. I know you will answer me.

- Psalm 86:7 ERV

Those of my age group and older may recall Tennessee Ernie Ford, a pioneer in the early days of television and well-known country singer. One of his notable expressions was, “Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.” I think Mr. Ford knew what is true today may not be true tomorrow.

We become frustrated when the day’s expectations are undefined, when life takes on patterns we never imagined.

We are creatures of habit. Created in God’s image, humankind is endowed with an innate need for predictability and order. Most people tend to follow a schedule of some sort –– a walk at a particular time of day or a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. When the routine is disturbed, the whole day seems askew. Most of us are so busy with the process of living we pay little attention to our schedules until something catastrophic intrudes into our lives.

Such is true of these times.

Parents who generally go to work have found themselves essentially homeschooling their children. Something they never imagined –– certainly not in their immediate plans. The stressors mount as we long for the simplicity of more confusing times. Yes, we long for the chaotic days of yesterday.

These stay-at-home orders have discombobulated just about everyone in some shape or form. Even getting groceries presents challenges we never thought we’d face.

More and more folks are using the internet these days, slowing down service. Package delivery is up at an all-time high.

Within the unfamiliar chaos, church has become virtual. This Thursday, our church will conduct it’ first online communion service. I doubt our forebears had ever imagined a faith-based virtual reality.

But our God who never changes continues to reach us within the ever-changing times we live in. His Spirit is able to bless over wires as much as human contact. Christians find innovative ways to keep Paul’s command: “We must not quit meeting together, as some are doing. No, we need to keep on encouraging each other. This becomes more and more important as you see the Day getting closer” (Hebrews 10:25 ERV).

We can take comfort in the fact God is still the God of order. He still orders our steps even through our steps change or become more confined. He invented the seasons, the tides, and the cycles of the moon. While there are predictable patterns in our universe, that same universe does not remain stagnant.

While order is important in the human condition, our lives can be enriched through spontaneity and the new chaos we experience in these times. God can bless through the untried as well as the familiar.

Our finite minds can only see our own immediate situation. But we can trust God, who sees the whole. These times can be an avenue of spiritual enrichment. Time to commune with God as we have never done before.

I have heard many say being at home more has brought hidden blessings.

God knows our yesterdays and our tomorrows. There is no barrier preventing his communion with those who call him Father. Reach out. He is there, and he will answer.

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