I just finished cutting the grass. It took me back to the days when I was living at home and cutting grass at the family home and for various paying customers in the area. There is something about the smell of fresh grass to transport you to other times and other places.

The smell of fresh-cut grass is something that never changes. We change, as now I need to take an allergy pill after cutting the grass. But the smell of the grass doesn’t change. It not only reminds me of when I cut the grass but when I smelled it as we rode down the road on the school bus. Really, the smell of fresh cut grass can lead you to so many memories.

That leads to the memory of people. People that have long ago passed from life here on earth. Life changes, but the smell of grass doesn’t change.

The smell of grass isn’t the only thing that doesn’t change. God never changes. We have written before about how the love of God doesn’t change. The promises of God do not change. His power is the same. This is nice to know in a day when it seems like everything is changing. Our whole lives have been altered.

We find it a real treat to be able to go to a sit down restaurant. I sometimes forget and leave our mask in the car and remember when I am half way across the parking lot. We can’t visit those in the hospital and nursing homes. Religious services are live streamed, and this may be a good addition to our routine and outreach.

Even when we go to church, things are different and we miss the close interaction with other members of the congregation. Seniors missed their graduation. It has been a quickly changing world. It is a treat to smell fresh cut grass.

Speaking of worship, this is not the first time the way we worship has changed. It has changed in many ways through the years, but the biggest change was when Jesus became our high priest. We no longer had to offer sacrifices in the temple. I as a religious leader am happy about that. However, is goes beyond that.

We now can go directly to Christ and ask Him one on one for forgiveness. We then become a child of God and our lives are changed. That should make us all happy, and that will never change. He died once and for all. It will never have to be repeated and will never cease to be effective. The hymn says “The blood that Jesus once shed for me will never lose its power.”

The way of salvation has not changed. The requirements for salvation have not changed. You must repent and you must believe. And the results have not changed. You will inherit eternal life. That is encouraging news for a world that change comes in loss of jobs, businesses, retirement, savings, etc.

God and His provisions never change. If you do not know Jesus as Savior, I urge you to pray and ask Him to forgive you and take you as His child today. It will never be any easier and it will never come as a discount deal where you can continue in your sin. It will never change.

Now, if you could use some meditating or prayer time, and if your grass needs to be cut, get out there and cut it and smell the unchanging aroma that accompanies the task.

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