Despite COVID, 4-H’ers keep busy

Online cooking lessons were among the activities that kept members of the Chateaugay Adventurers 4-H Club busy despite restrictions on activities because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Submitted photo

The Chateaugay Adventurers 4-H Club has been very busy over the course of this summer. Even though we have been apart, we still have been working hard on making sure we make the best of this year.

Starting in June and ending in July, Chef Cathy Hohmeyer of the Lake Clear Lodge in Lake Clear provided free online cooking lessons to local 4-H youth via Zoom. According to her online bio, “Chef Cathy has been interested in nutrition and was cooking for her family as long as she can remember. Her lifelong pursuit has led her to study many diets and a lot of nutritional information leading to studying the human energetic “blueprint.” She has been cooking professionally for her restaurant for over 30 years.”

We started out making our very own salad dressing –– vinaigrette. We added some vinegar, oil, and some mustard. Depending on what flavor you want, you can add different ingredients.

The next week, we made a puff pastry apple strudel. We peeled the apples and cut them up. We put some cinnamon, butter and nutmeg on the apples. We then mixed it together and smoothed out our puff pastry, then plopped the apples into the middle of the puff pastry, cut the sides, braided it and put it in the oven. It was delicious.

The Chateaugay Adventurers then made wild yeast starter for sourdough English muffins. Some of us were able to do it. Some of us could not because we use air conditioners. But our leader shared hers so we were able to make English muffins. They are better than the store-bought ones for sure. We also made crepes that were really good and were an excellent addition to learning how to cook.

At the end of July we rented out 4-H Camp Overlook for a weekend. Each family got a cabin. We did a couple of crafts over our stay, such as alcohol ink tiles taught by Drew Crawford, a T-shirt reusable bag taught by Kelsea Riley, a camp bucket, and we tie-dyed pillow cases. We used our bucket to sit at the campfire that night.

Each Adventurer that did polar bear both mornings got a polar bear patch. The water was freezing but we wanted to get that awesome patch. Each night we gathered around the fire, enjoyed some s’mores and played flashlight tag.

Pat Banker taught the group all about wild edibles. We learned that most of us loved wood sorrel. Did you know that the 4-H “clover” is actually wood sorrel? We didn’t either until Pat taught us. We were super lucky to be able to go to camp this summer, even if it was only for a weekend.

In the wonderful month of August, we did 4-H’er Kelsea Riley’s community service project, cleaning the Bigelow Cemetery. We raked and cleaned until the cemetery was clean again.

Also in August, we had our 4-H fair judging stations. Some 4-H leaders helped judge this past year’s projects and handed out ribbons. The judges came to us in Chateaugay. Thank you to those people once again. We were all so excited and thankful that they were willing to do this for us. And thank you again for our 4-H Together Wherever T-shirts and treats!

September rolled around and we did 4-H’er John Decosse’s community service project, cleaning the Brayton Hollow cemetery. We found multiple grave markers buried under grass, which we made sure that we uncovered so that they could be seen.

We are looking forward to fall time and figuring out what projects we can safely do. We hope all of the other groups are doing well.

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