MALONE — A local business donated 16 new mattresses to Community Connections to be placed at the organization’s shelters.

According to Juan Rivera, an owner of The Home Zone, a furniture store on East Main Street, the business wanted to help out the community and thought donating mattresses was a good way to do that.

“Our thoughts were here that the community has been real good to us and the support of the community has just been phenomenal. The Home Zone was started six years ago and I think the amount of business that we do reflects that,” Rivera said. “We have a lot of giveaway programs that we do and for this one we wanted to help out a local organization.”

Michelle Kemp, the store’s manager, said the donation was part of the store’s sixth anniversary sale through a buy-a-bed, give-a-bed program. For every bed purchased by a Home Zone customer, one was donated to Community Connections.

“One of the things we wanted to do is give back to our community, and we wanted to make sure with our success comes our community’s success,” Rivera said. “We give back to our community and we are just proud to be able to do this and are looking for more opportunities to do this for well-worthy programs.”

Rivera said Community Connections certainly fit the criteria.

“We feel very compassionate to help out people that are less fortunate,” Rivera said. “Community Connections, I think, does a great job of helping out the community, being the conduit to connect people to services, and we are looking forward to doing some more things in the future. We are hoping to do it again, hoping to do more programs of this nature in the future when we have the opportunity.”

Restonic Mattresses, Buffalo, also assisted with Thursday afternoon’s donation, Kemp said.

“They helped pitch in some of the mattresses,” Kemp said.

Lee Rivers, CEO of Community Connections, said the donated mattresses will go to the organization’s shelters.

“We are in need of new mattresses and we will be able to replace every one this year, and have a stockpile to replace more as needed,” Rivers said. “It saves us money. As a not-for-profit we don’t have to buy because of their generosity.”

Rivera said in the past he has donated stoves and looks forward to finding more ways the business can give back to the community.

“We are hoping we can do something like this again in the future,” Rivera said. “We hope we can do it again, we try to give as much as we can back to the community. We are just a smaller company in Malone but you got to give back to your community.”

Rivers said it was great that the community participated in the program.

“It is amazing to see community support to help the most vulnerable,” Rivers said.

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