As the deadline for schools to submit their plans for reopening to the state passed this weekend, more northern Franklin County schools have made their plans public.

Most of the districts will offer some form of hybrid plan, combining in-person and online learning, although the St. Regis Falls School District will operating using an either-or model.

All of the plans are subject to state approval

Chateaugay Central School District will employ a hybrid online and in-person plan for its high school students, but will have kindergarten through eighth grade students attend school daily. High school students will be split into “A” and “B” groups, with the “A” group attending school in-person on Monday and Tuesday and the “B” group attending Wednesday and Thursday, according to the plan. Classes on Fridays will be online for all students.

Malone Central School District is employing a similar plan, though all students will operate on its hybrid plan, regardless of grade. In Malone’s schools, the “A” group will attend school in-person on Monday and Tuesday and the “B” group will attend Thursday and Friday, with Wednesday designated as a cleaning day.

Brushton-Moira will have its elementary students attend school in-person for four full days and one half day per week, with its middle and high school students using a hybrid plan similar to that of Malone’s and Chateaugay’s.

The Salmon River Central School District will see its elementary students attend school in-person daily and its middle and high school students be split into two cohorts, similar to Malone, Chateaugay and Brushton-Moira. However, Salmon River’s cohorts will alternate attendance daily and there will be no designated cleaning day.

St. Regis Falls’ schools will not employ a hybrid plan. Rather, parents will have the option to enroll their students in either completely remote learning or completely in-person instruction.

All of the northern Franklin County school districts’ reopening plans can be found on their respective websites, along with detailed safety precautions, social distancing requirements and temperature check protocols.

The deadline to submit reopening plans to the state was Friday, and the state is now reviewing around 650 reopening plans. Several of the New York’s 700 school districts missed the state’s July 31 deadline to submit reopening plans.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo addressed concerns that some parents may not feel comfortable sending their children to in-person classes, as reflected by surveys taken by several of northern Franklin County’s school districts.

“This is not a dictatorial decision,” Cuomo said. “Parents need to review the plan to understand the plan. They have to have confidence in the plan. … There will be many parents if they feel their child is going to be subjected to danger, they’re just not going to do it.”

Johnson Newspaper’s Kate Lisa contributed to this report.

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