July 16

1765: English Prime Minister Lord Grenville resigns and is replaced by Lord Rockingham.

1774: Russia and the Ottoman Empire sign the Treaty of Kuchuk-Kainardji, ending their six-year war.

1779: American troops under Gen. Anthony Wayne capture Stony Point, New York.

1875: The new French constitution is finalized.

1882:Mary Todd Lincoln, the widow of Abraham Lincoln, dies of a stroke.

1918: Czar Nicholas II and his family are murdered by Bolsheviks at Ekaterinburg, Russia.

1940: Adolf Hitler orders preparations for the invasion of England.

1944: Soviet troops occupy Vilnius, Lithuania, in their drive toward Germany.

1945: The United States detonates the first atomic bomb in a test at Alamogordo, New Mexico.

1969: Apollo 11 blasts off from Cape Kennedy, Florida, heading for a landing on the moon.

1999: A private plane piloted by John F. Kennedy Jr. is lost over the waters off Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

Born on July 16

1723: Joshua Reynolds, British portrait painter.

1821: Mary Baker Eddy, founder of the Christian Science movement.

1862: Ida Bell Wells, journalist.

1896: Trygve Lie, first secretary-general of the United Nations.

1907: Barbara Stanwyck, actress.

1911: Ginger Rogers, actress and dancer.

1928: Anita Brookner, writer (“Hotel du Lac”).

1941: Dag Solstad, Norwegian novelist and playwright.

1948: Ruben Blades, songwriter and actor.

1948: Pinchas Zukerman, violinist and conductor.

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