June 13

1777: The Marquis de Lafayette arrives in the American colonies to help in their rebellion against Britain.

1863: Confederate forces on their way to Gettysburg clash with Union troops at the Second Battle of Winchester, Virginia.

1920: The U.S. Post Office Department rules that children may not be sent by parcel post.

1923: The French set a trade barrier between occupied Ruhr and the rest of Germany.

1940: Paris is evacuated as the Germans advance on the city.

1943: German spies land on Long Island, New York, and are soon captured.

1944: The first German V-1 buzz-bomb hits London.

1949: Installed by the French, Bao Dai enters Saigon to rule Vietnam.

1971: The New York Times begins publishing the Pentagon Papers.

1978: Israelis withdraw the last of their invading forces from Lebanon.

1979: Sioux Indians are awarded $105 million in compensation for the 1877 U.S. seizure of the Black Hills in South Dakota.

1983: Pioneer 10, already in space for 11 years, leaves the solar system.

Born on June 13

40: Gnaeus Julius Agricola, Roman general.

1752: Fanny Burney, English writer.

1786: Winfield Scott, U.S. Army general.

1831: James C. Maxwell, scientist.

1865: William Butler Yeats, Irish poet and dramatist.

1893: Dorothy Leigh Sayers, English detective writer, creator of Lord Peter Wimsey.

1894: Mark Van Doren, American poet, writer and educator.

1903: Harold “Red” Grange, American football player.

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