Several disturbing incidents directed at law enforcements agents in St. Lawrence County occurred this past weekend, and hopefully investigators will track down the culprits.

Someone left a gold packet attached to the front door of the St. Lawrence County Public Safety Building, 49 ½ Court St. in Canton, on Sunday morning. The substance inside the packet field tested as LSD.

A typed message was placed on the packet reading, “TAKE A TRIP AROUND THE PIGPEN.” Similar packets were found that morning at the Potsdam, Norfolk and Norwood police departments.

“These cowardly acts towards all law enforcement are not going to be tolerated and to whomever this individual or individuals are, should be assured that we will be doing everything within our power to seek you out and hold you accountable to the fullest extent of the law,” St. Lawrence County Undersheriff Sean P. O’Brien in a statement.

“The sheriff’s office is the lead investigating agency and is working in conjunction with state police, Potsdam, Norfolk and Norwood police and District Attorney Gary M. Pasqua, as well as federal law enforcement partners,” according to a story published Sunday by the Watertown Daily Times. “This is an ongoing investigation, and anyone with information is asked to contact the sheriff’s office leads desk at 315-379-2428. If anonymity is of concern, please submit a tip on the St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office app.”

Leaving a packet containing LSD outside is dangerous. It’s good that law enforcement agents confiscated them before someone else found then and ingested the hallucinogenic drug.

Since we don’t know who the offender is, we cannot speculate on a possible motive for such a vulgar act. But demeaning police officers is unacceptable.

Many people across the country are debating how to reform law enforcement practices, and this may lead to positive results. But we all need to uphold the dignity of those who those who put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe. They play a vital role in maintaining order in a civil society, and we owe them the respect they deserve for doing their part so well.

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