To the editor:

I love my Malone Telegram. I love getting up in the morning, looking forward to having my coffee, sitting quietly before the day starts and reading the news around Malone. It’s truly one of the nicer parts of my day.

Sadly, this is no more. I now have to wait until the mail gets here to read my paper. I guess that means I have to stay in bed until noon? I’ll have to reset the coffee pot timer to around 11:45 a.m. Our letter carriers will now have to stop at more houses and won’t be able to skip by many places not getting mail. It’s bound to weigh them all down more too. I feel for them.

I’m aware that there might have been issues with the early morning carriers but now those folks are out of a job. They were usually pretty good, although in the past I’d occasionally find my paper days later, under the porch, in a snow bank or whatever, but the local office was always 100% in taking care of the problem. Kudos to the great staff down there. I’ll miss you girls. Maybe I’ll swing in to say “Hi” just for old time’s sake and we can chat or I’ll pay my bill.

So, time to adopt a new routine I guess - but I wish I didn’t need to. At my age, the last thing I need is any change. I’m getting more “historically enhanced” everyday.

Doug Vensel


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