To the editor:

I have always been proud to be an American, but the country I was once proud of is nothing like the country we are now living in. The political system of today is nothing like I remember.

The three main crisis we are facing - the pandemic and public health, the economy, and racial justice are tearing our country apart. The press is branded as the enemy rather than applauded for bringing to light wrongdoings and safeguarding our democracy. Our reputation as leader of the free world has taken a nose dive.

How did this happen? Too many leaders in our government, including our president, are putting their party and/or themselves before their country. Telling the truth is a rarity –– telling lie after lie is the norm. No one is above the law and no one should be using their government job to enrich themselves. Yet that is exactly what is happening.

A true leader who has compassion for his country would not have directly contributed to the hundreds of thousands of deaths from COVID that could have been prevented. A true leader would be listening to science and following it’s guidelines. A true leader would be setting an example for others –– not going without a mask and holding rallies with thousands of people shoulder to shoulder, following his example.

A true leader would be trying to unite our country –– not trying to divide us with his racist actions, his desire to open up the country in spite of rising cases of COVID and his total disregard for the workings of our democracy. A true leader takes responsibility for his actions and learns from his mistakes instead of declaring, “It is what it is.” Antiscience and antienvironmental beliefs will leave a mark on our country that our children and grandchildren will have to deal with.

What does a true leader do? Governs with compassion and integrity. Has a moral compass and shows good judgement. Is able to listen, to heal and to unite –– to move our country toward a brighter future, free from racial injustice and the unfair power that comes with money. Understands that the world needs to work together to overcome the very real danger of climate change. In so doing, more jobs will be created and our economy will benefit.

A true leader is desperately needed to pull our country out of the mess we are in. Hopefully the majority of the people voting this year will recognize that the true leader we need is not the one presently “leading” our country. We need someone who embraces our democracy instead of chipping away at it’s demise.

Beverly Quenville


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