To the editor:

I am 70 years old and have known Tedra Cobb for over three decades. I have always found her to be an intelligent, thoughtful, good listener with sound discernment and judgment. Someone a person can trust to be truthful and sincere. She is dedicated to service and would make an excellent District 21 member of Congress.

In contrast, I cannot speak about her opponent without first speaking about the man she supports and for whom she has campaigned. The many flaws of our current president are far too numerous to document in this letter to the editor. I will just say that, among these flaws, his pathological mendacity rises to the top in my mind. I can neither trust, believe, nor respect such a person. Yet Ms. Stefanik supports him and this forces me to seriously question her judgment.

Therefore my decision is an easy one. I will be voting for Tedra Cobb come November.

Jon Montan


Johnson Newspapers 7.1


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