To the editor:

Time is running out. Jan. 1 2020 is closing in.

The obstruction of law enforcement, all branches, keeps them from doing their jobs, puts their lives in danger and the public without any protection.

Gov. Cuomo, you signed this into law (the New York bail reform act). When you look in the mirror every day, what kind of man looks back at you? A man that loves his family and want to keep them safe –– like other families that live in New York state?

The new law puts power into the hands of the criminals.

Is this about votes in 2020?

The lives of innocent New Yorkers are at stake.

From domestic violence, rape, incest, human trafficking, drunk drivers –– no one will be safe.

Everyone has the right to feel safe doing everyday living –– shopping, walking outside, attending doctor appointments or watching TV.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, you signed this New York bail reform into law. You can reverse it.

Look into the mirror. What kind of man do you see looking back at you?

Loretta A. Perry


Johnson Newspapers 7.1


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