To the editor:

Generation of destruction.

Before you act, before setting out to consume and destroy everything in your path –– statues, flags, businesses and neighborhoods –– learn the history of America.

Many of you are descendants of the men whose statues you are destroying. Be grateful for your freedom, career and choices –– including the freedom to be with the person you love.

People in the past didn’t have this freedom.

Instead of reliving the past, learn from it. Turn you energy to the future. Make a safer world for everyone.

We are all of mixed blood. Skin color doesn’t matter.

Bury the hate, rage and destruction.

Grow up.

Along with freedom of choice comes the ability to relocate anywhere in the world. If you are so unhappy living in America, perhaps one should think about that option.

Loretta Perry.


Johnson Newspapers 7.1


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