To the editor:

Village and town residents have the opportunity to select experienced candidates to serve as mayor, trustee and on the town council.

Norm Bonner will take the time to do his homework, and he has earned the skills needed to serve the community effectively as mayor. From finance to public works, he is steeped in the nuance of village operations. Likewise, village and town voters should return Brian Langdon to the village board and Paul Walbridge to the town council.

On the other hand, there are a couple of newcomers who have the spark, the passion and fresh perspective to lead with great ability despite their newcomer status. Both Jody Johnston and Nate Hathaway are sincere, thoughtful and genuine individuals who have what it takes to accomplish great things as public servants. Please elect Nate to the Village Board and Jody to the Town Board – they deserve the opportunity to earn your trust, and will do what is best for the entire community.

Above all, please be sure to get out and vote – whether for early voting or on Election Day! Thank you for your consideration and support.

Joe Riccio


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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