To the editor:

As residents head to the polls on Nov. 5, I assure you that electing Nate Hathaway as village trustee will be a positive move for the village of Malone.

I have known Nate as both a middle school student and later as a fellow teacher here in Malone. While we were colleagues, I had the privilege of serving with him in our union. He was first elected as vice president of the Malone Federation of Teachers in 2011. After a two-year term, he was elected to the office of president, a position in which he still serves.

Nate has always valued the role of local government as well as the importance of being involved in one’s own community. As a teacher of social studies, Nate promotes the importance of civics to his students, which I know first-hand as my daughter was in his high school class. He also promotes community involvement in his role as a union leader. He works with the MFT LAP team to host community dinners, to participate in the Winter Carnival Parade, and to plan many other school to family initiatives.

Nate is extremely hard working. If necessary, he will seek out more information in order to make the best-informed decisions. He has a great understanding of the aspects of a budget and, most importantly, he has the ability to explain the intricacies of a budget in a manner that even the most mathematically challenged person can grasp.

I have witnessed the way Nate deals with sensitive issues and conflict in his role as union president for the Malone Federation of Teachers. In these situations, Nate is superior at keeping the focus on the facts at hand while maintaining a professional demeanor in which progress is made and a resolution can be attained.

Nate’s knowledge of government, work ethic, and budget sense prove that he embodies the traits necessary to be a successful village trustee. I hope you will give him your vote.

Jackie McCarthy

North Bangor

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