To the editor:

Wow! Upon reading Democrat Tedra Cobb’s remarks about congresswoman Elise Sefanik and our president, Donald J. Trump, “wiping their asses with the Constitution (Cobb’s words, not mine), for the first time in my life I was without words. What a classy lady.

Thank goodness the Democrats want her. What an example for our youth for someone running for public office. A slap in the face for all Americans.

Tedra Cobb’s family must be proud of her. She made the front page. It makes one wonder how her family members feel if or when she kisses them at night with that disgusting mouth.

Be proud Democrats; she’s one of yours.

Too late, Tedra Cobb, the damage has already been done to the Democratic Party.

Loretta Perry


Johnson Newspapers 7.1


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