To the editor:

Let’s be clear. Tedra Cobb understands that NY-21 is a diverse district, and she will represent all her constituents. As have all our congressional representatives, she will support Fort Drum and the soldiers and families stationed there, and she will not be silent about Russian bounties on American soldiers. She will honor the long-standing relationship built over time with our Canadian neighbors. She will protect the right of law-abiding citizens to own guns. Unlike our current representative, she will fight to ensure that all North Country citizens have health care coverage whether or not their employer provides that benefit, and unlike our current representative she will always vote to protect our environment.

Tedra’s opponent can only recycle made-up accusations and manufactured outrage when speaking about Tedra, while she whole-heartedly supports a president who believes that the law does not apply to him.

Our choice is clear in this election. Vote for the candidate who wants to serve the district, not use the position for personal gain or ambition. Vote for Tedra Cobb.

Beth Linderman


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