To the editor:

It was truly an honor to serve as a Fort Covington town councilman for 19 years. Throughout my tenure, I was fortunate be accompanied by fellow Councilman John Cushman. Upon being elected to this position, I soon realized John had a real passion to serve the people of Fort Covington.

John, through his long tenure, gained valuable experience and great knowledge of all aspects within the workings of town government. In seeking solutions to important town issues, John would rely on and share his experience and knowledge. He would not hesitate to ask questions to get the most information so that the best solution could be arrived at by the Town Board.

John is approachable and listens to input and concerns of residents. He is a United States Marine Corps veteran and currently serves as commander of our local American Legion Post 1418. When official town business was scheduled, his attendance was nearly 100% –– very dedicated.

John has always been a team player, along with all the other elected officials of the town of Fort Covington working together for a better future. One needs not look far to see the vast improvements achieved throughout the town: the town-owned buildings, parks and infrastructure. Also, the supported provided to the Fort Covington Fire Department, EMS and senior citizens has allowed these entities to not only maintain but to expand their facilities and the services they provide. This is being accomplished with limited resources and keeping the taxpayer in mind. We have so much to be proud of in Fort Covington.

I am asking the voters of Fort Covington to get out and vote for John Cushman to continue good stewardship on our Town Council.

Paul Lauzon

Franklin County Legislator

Fort Covington

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