To the editor:

A real work of art –– community art –– and they could not justify the cost of keeping it? Really?

What was the question asked. Who was behind the “yeahs” and nays?”

How about asking the artists in the community (dare i call it a community)?

This action, I think, demonstrates the insensitivity and uncalculable ignorance of our community “leaders.” Should I call them leaders?

I am disgusted. No wonder Malone is where it is, despite the efforts of all persons who really care about Malone and work tirelessly to make our community home better, more beautiful and more respectful of its citizens.

Who are they that made the decision to destroy the mosaic mural at the Rec Park? Are they brave enough to take ownership of their decision?

May the kind and forever giving soul of Julia Holmes rest in peace.

Citizens of Malone, please take note of our “leaders” arrogance and callousness.

Lorna L. Jewell


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