To the editor:

This is the most important election of our lives. We are about to lose many women’s rights, our health care, our democratic processes, and if infected with COVID, our lives. If you want to continue enjoying our freedoms, you must cast your vote for Joe Biden. We cannot continue to allow our country to move in (President Donald) Trump’s disastrous course and his dangerous lies –– things are not OK.

(U.S. Rep. Elise) Stefanik is equally culpable due to her blind complicity to Trump’s lies and outrageous decisions. Not only is Tedra Cobb truly from the North Country, but she carries the democratic values that our country is founded upon. She cares about your health care, women’s rights and following a national plan for COVID. She does not lie.

I also urge you to vote for Nate Hathaway for Town Council. I have known Nate for many years, and he is respectful, intelligent and hardworking. He believes in the democratic process and is dedicated to our community. His family has always been supportive of local initiatives and is willing to work for Malone’s betterment.

My parents were Republicans, but not the radicals like those of the U.S. Senate. I know most local Republicans are fine folks. So why are so many supporting this erosion of American institutions and beliefs? I do not get it. I certainly will vote across the Democrat line in 2020 … and my poor Republican mother is looking down at the U.S. senators and rolling over in her grave.

Please vote, early voting started at the Franklin County Courthouse on Oct. 24. Please vote for Biden, Tedra and Nate.

Mary Scharf


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