I am writing to commend the Telegram on their coverage of the salary increase accepted by our Mayor on Nov. 12, 2020. However, I am concerned about the lack of depth in the article. There are many unanswered questions that still need to be answered.

Why does the Mayor deserve a 320% increase (64o annually) for doing her job? She knew the salary and responsibilities when she ran for office. Why are taxpayers responsible because it takes her more time to do her job than all Mayors since 1805?

How does the board justify compensating the Mayor 1005 on a position that typically requires decades of experience and special training? What value does the mayor bring to this position? Why are we paying two supervisors through January 1, 2021?

Why was the resolution presented at the very end of a three hour work session on a Thursday morning? Was the meeting made public?

If they truly are going to continue and try to fill the position… How motivated would anyone be to eliminate income of over $77K a year?

I am not sure if the board acted in a manner of arrogance or ignorance, but it almost seems like both. Kudos to trustee Bonner for being the only rational vote regarding an obvious conflict of interest. I bet people would with they voted for him last November.

Elected officials should always put the taxpayer first, not themselves first at the cost of the taxpayer. Managing a village requires intelligent and selfless decisions. Accepting a 3205salary increase, agreeing to a 300% increase on the DPW garage lease without negotiating, significantly increasing everyone’s water and sewer rates because of failed policies related to meters and being forced to hire an outside company to change Village street lights do not appear to be intelligent or selfless decisions.

Taxpayers deserve some answers while we still have a Village.

Jack Lamica


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