To the editor:

The Hamilton County Republican Committee fully and unequivocally condemns the false and misleading ad recently released by the Tedra Cobb for Congress campaign. We are disappointed that former Judge Peter Feldstein participated in this attempt to desperately attack and smear our congresswoman at the expense of his own integrity and values.

The pure irony of a former Republican judge supporting a far-left Democrat candidate –– one who was caught on tape saying she supports an unconstitutional gun ban but can’t admit it publicly if she hopes to get elected –– is not lost on us and is at best an embarrassing attempt at reclaiming relevance.

What is most disgraceful about his statement is that no one has done more for the North Country than our congresswoman. Not only is it an embarrassment for the judge, it is not reflective of the overwhelming majority of voters in Hamilton County that fully support Elise Stefanik.

Our Hamilton County Republican Committee is proud to have unanimously endorsed Elise Stefanik for each election since she first ran for Congress. Elise won Hamilton County by over 30 points in 2018, one of the largest margins of any county in NY-21. She will win by even more this election.

Clark J. Seaman


Hamilton County Republican Committee

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