To the editor:

Why are the Democrats so hot to get President Donald J. Trump out of the White House?

Everything good he has done; anyone in the office would have done the same. Don’t hate him because he is smart.

America is being covered in hate and darkness. It’s easy to hate; it’s harder to be good –– you have to work for it.

My brother Richard Dandurand was 19 in the Army. He gave his life in 1944, along with millions of other veterans, so every one of you can enjoy the freedoms you have today.

I want every one of you to think about this.

Remember the dictators past, present and future. I pray this is not the future for America. I hate to think that the lives of the veterans, law enforcement, firemen and all the other heroes have been sacrificed in vain.

Politics has become so full of hate and darkness that they will do anything to win votes. The damage being done to America is disgraceful.

People need to use their heads for something other than holding their ears apart. After all, you are adults.

Loretta Perry


Johnson Newspapers 7.1


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