To the editor:

Elections are never more important than now. At each level –– village, town, county, state and federal, we need good people who are selflessly trying to improve conditions and protect the people they want to represent. Nate Hathaway is one of those good people. Nate is running for Malone Town Council and I am asking for voters to please support him.

I have known Nate for years, primarily as a colleague, union member and fellow civic-minded volunteer. Nate, when asked to step up and take on a thankless job does it. As a fellow educator and union member, Nate became a union representative, officer and eventually union president. The immense hours and commitment required for that position, along with the visibility and potential criticism, takes an even-keel type of personality who is able to work with all types of people and issues. Nate is that type.

Last year Nate was approached to join the town Democratic Committee and run for local office. Again he stepped up when duty called.

It would have been easy to beg off due to commitments with a full time job, union responsibilities, and a young family, but Nate believes in service. And now, in the middle of a pandemic and economic anxiety, Nate is once more rising to the challenge to help make our community a better place.

He has the skills and experience to build coalitions and consensus on a town board, to get the job done and work through gridlocks.

Nate is a local man, born and raised in Malone. He returned after college to teach at his alma mater. He loves this town and wants what is best for all. Nate never shies away from a challenge and once committed he will give it his all. I am voting for Nate Hathaway for Malone Town Council and ask that you do too.

Jane Dievendorf


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