To the editor:

How many of you know Brian Langdon? He is our county coroner. He is also a trustee for the village of Malone.

He has worked very hard during his term to help with Malone’s revitalization. He knows what we need to do, but he also knows what the village can afford to do. Sometimes, that’s a pretty tough thing to balance.

He has always had the best interests of the village and its residents at heart. No, he is not an “in your face” type of man. He is smart, honest and trustworthy. He will listen to all the options, all the ideas so he can make the best decision for us. He is the type of person we need on our village board.

It’s easy to sit back and criticize the board for not doing something, or for doing something we don’t like. The issue is, everything takes money to complete. The village does not have all the money in the world, so things have to be prioritized. That’s not always an easy thing to do.

Brian has worked very hard with the board to help make sure village residents get what they need without getting into debt that the village can’t afford. It’s a tough job, but Brian would appreciate your trust and support to continue doing this job. For all of us.

Debbie Bonner


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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