To the editor:

The New York bail reform act is going into law Jan. 1. I would like to meet everyone behind this new law and shake their hands.

Thank you for sending me back to the 1960s. I sure missed the nightmares and living in hell.

Started out pretty good with three beautiful children. But unfortunately for us, my husband loved alcohol. When he drank, the alcohol turned him into a monster. First the walls, phone, furniture, car windshields –– you got it. I was next.

Our son’s life was taken by a drunk driver. The physical, mental and verbal abuse got worse. He would make threats sober, then carry them out when he was drunk. The abuse got so bad he threatened to set fire to our mobile home.

We buried our son. I had to protect our daughters. I knew when we left we could never go back. I think God for my mother.

After Jan. 1, 2020, every woman and child caught in domestic violence, trapped, or life lost lands on your doorstep. May all of you that put this evil law in place sleep well.

Loretta A. Perry


Johnson Newspapers 7.1


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