To the editor:

I realize that we are in the era of instant gratification, with everything at our fingertips on line, on social media, or on TV. Brick and mortar stores have a difficult time competing with the likes of Amazon Prime.

Nothing compares to that hometown service by friends and neighbors, or supporting a local business that is an economic engine to the area, providing needed goods and services, is active within the community and is a local taxpayer. Mom and pop stores are closing or being gobbled up by corporations, in these challenging times.

I find it hard to sit back and watch another local business gradually die, literally by the column inch. The Malone Telegram has been an iconic fixture in our community for generations, the mainstay for documenting family milestones like weddings and births, mourning a death, reading about our children’s sports achievements, and, of course, local news. Corporate decisions made in Watertown have impacted these items, and local delivery services are haphazard at best.

Online news is instantaneous yet impersonal. Corporate decisions made elsewhere have impacted The Telegram, almost to the point of extinction. This is very sad.

Andrea M. Stewart

Town Supervisor


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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