To the editor:

I wish to respond to Mr. Conzola’s editorial and Ms. Fredenburgh’s follow-up letter regarding the issues relation to the purchase of St. Joseph’s Church in Owls Head.

In these days of instant messaging, it is easy to sully a good man’s reputation while failing to check out the whole story. The initial proposal to the Town Board was not above board. Open discussion involving all members about the purchase of the church and the proposed price did not occur. The proposal was done in haste and defied proper rules of town governance.

Wayne, Harley Titus and Jeff Manley continue to look into the viability of purchasing the church even though the original proposal has been rescinded. If Ms. Fredenburgh’s real concern is the purchase of the church building, why the attack on a man who has faithfully served his town for 16 years, four of them as supervisor. His desire is to serve the taxpayers wisely and according to proper rules.

A good man’s reputation and his ability to serve on the Malone Central School Board of Education has been questioned. During his 32 years as an educator, he was a biology teacher, science department head and state biology mentor. Immediately upon retirement he was elected to the school board serving as its president for 14 years and is presently the New York State School Board representative for Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Hamilton and St. Lawrence counties. In all those 50 years of service, no one has ever accused him of hatred or bigotry of any kind nor was his ability to serve ever questioned.

You have caused great anguish to a wonderful husband, father and grandfather. Hatred has never been a part of who he is, which makes me wonder where that word really came from.

Nancy Rogers


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