To the editor:

Truth be told, “It didn’t have to be this bad!” But Donald J. Trump lives in a fantasy land, where it is OK to tell lies, or he doesn’t know the difference. His not knowing how to discern truth from fiction, AKA bold face lies, is likely.

DJT it a narcissistic sociopath, after all.

So in the president’s large shadow is Elise Stefanik, who does not appear to take representing her constituents seriously. After all, what does Ms. Stefanik know about New York’s 21st Congressional District? Not much.

To what extent does Ms. Stefanik care about her constituents? Again, the answer is not much. Also, it seems Ms. Stefanik has acquired Trump’s lying ways.

Consider the possible debate schedule with Tedra Cobb, Stefanik’s challenger. Consider also Stefanik’s claim that she wrote the Military Family Stability Act.

To this writer, it seems Stefanik can, in fact, distort facts and promote these “facts” as reasons to vote for her, again.

No thanks, again.

Lorna L. Jewell


Johnson Newspapers 7.1


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