To the editor:

I live in the 21st Congressional District, am not enrolled in a political party, and vote for candidates who I determine have good character, show positive results or exhibit favorable potential.

In other words, not Elise Stefanik.

Stefanik travels to COVID-19 hot spots without protection at the demand of her psychopath boss, ignores health experts’ guidance and eagerly swallows his lies with a disinfectant chaser.

She lends unbridled support for using congressional-approved military funds, earmarked to improve the lives of our soldiers and their families, to construct a useless wall. Her Fort Drum constituents must be thrilled (read that with sarcasm). A federal court on June 26 ruled the scam illegal, without comment from Stefanik.

The wall’s best use: give Trumpty Dumpty a place to have a great fall, though his faithful servant willingly goes first to cushion his impact.

Stefanik throws an infantile tantrum during House impeachment meetings when she tries to violate speaking rules established by her previous House Republican majority.

She voted to dismantle the Affordable Care Act as ordered by her master, without whiff of a suitable replacement, to the detriment of her mostly rural district’s needy constituents.

It’s revealed Stefanik refuses to attend House Intelligence Committee meetings to discuss myriad national security issues (Albany Times Union, July 3 and 5).

Stefanik’s support of a serial adulterer and admitted female molester is an unforgivable insult to women and makes her a decrepit role model.

It alone requires her immediate resignation.

November is too far away.

Dominic Tom


Johnson Newspapers 7.1


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