We’d like to ask for your vote on May 18, 2021 to re-elect Donna Kissane to the Malone Central School District’s Board of Education. We fully support Donna’s bid for the school board because of her proven record of advocating for the children of our community. Donna has proven time and time again that she’s committed to advocating for the best, most robust educational experience (including social and emotional wellbeing) for every student. She recognizes that our greatest asset in achieving this experience is the faculty and staff with their knowledge and expertise. In addition to being a strong advocate for our children, Donna Kissane is also a conscientious steward of taxpayer money. With Donna’s support the district has been able to offer additional programing for our students with no increase in the tax levy, in fact this year, the proposed budget reflects a decrease in the tax levy. We’d once again like to ask that you please vote for Donna Kissane on May 18 at the Franklin Academy gym lobby. Polling hours will be from Noon until 8 p.m.

Philip and Heather Hans


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