To the editor:

Perhaps you have seen the recent lawn signs which say that Elise (Stefanik) backs the Blue. Indeed she may back the Blue, but she doesn’t back you. All you have to do is look at Stefanik’s donors to see who she really supports.

According to, 92.8% of Stefanik’s 2020 funding comes from outside of New York District 21, the district she is supposed to represent. Over 75% of her contributions come from outside of New York. Stefanik’s top industry supporters are securities and investments, lawyers and law firms and insurance companies. In fact, three of the top 10 contributors to Stefanik’s 2020 campaign were financial, insurance and real estate contributors. She has taken well over $1 million from those sectors. So when Elise votes on your health care, is she concerned about your well-being or one of her top contributors, Blue Cross/Blue Shield?

Tedra Cobb, however, does not take corporate PAC money. Tedra Cobb is voting for you, not the corporations that put Stefanik in office. Tedra Cobb will vote for your best interest, not Wall Street’s interest. Tedra Cobb will vote for what’s best for you, not corporate America and their lawyers. So while Stefanik claims to represent the 21st district in New York, it’s quite clear that is not the case.

Let Stefanik know that you know where her allegiance really lies, vote for Tedra Cobb!

Susan Nolde


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