To the editor:

In the book of James, he talks about how small the tongue is but yet how inspring or damaging our speech and written words can be. A rudder is a very small part of a huge ocean liner; however, it is trying most important piece of equipment to control the ship. Words can edify and they can destroy lives. Gossip whether tried or false is damaging to all parties.

Most recently a piece of been equipment showed village police in Malone that there was a problem. I was pulled over and told I had no insurance which I knew I had and that my registration was revoked. The next six days were harrowing, as I was forced to tow my car and to now walk everywhere and take public transportation in a town I recently moved to.

Many phone calls and six days passed and finally the words were I was legal all along. My real friends and family knew there was a mistake; however, there are always those others.

In closing, make your words sweet and be careful not to hurt others. Today we need more honey then vinegar. Challenge yourselves today and treat others as you would want to be treated.

Marcy Bonesteel

Lake Placid

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