In lieu of the annual Men’s Member/Guest Golf Tournament at the Malone Golf Club, the Pro Shop arranged for a one-day net better ball event, which was called the 2020 Hartson Open. The event had 29, two-person teams scheduled with 26 teams taking to the course with the opening foursome teeing off at 8:30 a.m. Saturday on the club’s West Course.

The duo of Myles McDonald and Colby Bradford finished atop Flight 1 with a net score of 62, while the twosome of Nate Cole and Aronhiaies Herne recorded the best round of the tournament with an 18 hole net score of 57 to take top honors in Flight 2.

There were also four specialty holes for closest to the pin, with Joe Herne striking his tee shot to within 59 inches on No. 2. GJ Demarse had the best shot on No. 7 at 120 inches, while John Rebideau was 27 feet away on No. 10 and Eric Meacham had his tee shot finish 12 feet from the hole on No. 13.

Finishing second in Flight 1 were the duo of Scott Henning and Stephen Vanier with a net 63, while the team’s of Joe Herne and Ryan Reid, Steve and Kevin Lang, Philip and Jacob Swamp wound up in a three-way tie for third each with a net 64. The Herne/Reid duo were awarded sole possession of third place on a readback, with the Lang brothers fourth and the Swamp duo fifth.

In Flight 2, Kevin Hartson and Doug Hartson Jr. were second with a net 60, while Jon Rebideau and Walter Gilbo were third with a net 61.

Complete Flight results follow:

Flight 1

Myles McDonald, Colby Bradford - 31-31-62; Scott Henning, Stephen Vanier - 31-32-63; Joe Herne, Ryan Reid - 32-32-64; Steve Lang, Kevin Lang - 30-34-64; Philip Swamp, Jacob Swamp - 29-35-64; Pete Laramee, Trevor Towle - 32-33-65; Jason Boyea, Jeremy Bonniville - 34-32-66; Zack Oakes, Joseph Thompson - 34-32-66; Bill Benware, Stephen Dupree - 30-37-67; DJ Danforth, Hiio Herne - 34-34-68; GJ Demarse, Greg Demarse - 35-36-71; Justin Lavarnway, Randy Todd II - 35-38-73; Matt Laramee, Ed Pritchard - 35-41-76; Dan Honahan, Emile Benardot - 38-38-76.

Flight 2

Nate Cole, Aronhiaies Herne - 28-29-57; Doug Hartson Jr., Kevin Hartson - 27-33-60; Jon Rebideau, Walter Gilbo - 32-29-61; Wayne Magoon, Rick Carpenter - 32-30-62; Richard Moore, Tom Edwards - 31-33-64; Bill Latreille, John Lovier - 32-32-64; Sherman Rebideau, Lance Rebideau - 31-34-65; Duane Hartson, Eric Schloop - 31-34-65; Kevin Cappiello, Larry Lazenby - 32-36-68; Jared Marshall, Teddy Connors - 36-33-69; Eric Meacham, Everett Andrews - 35-35-70; Brian Hutchins, Curtis Hutchins - 31-41-72.

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