Earlier this week, on Tuesday and Wednesday to be precise, CYO Basketball League Director Ken Cring made several special deliveries, as he stopped at over a dozen separate residences and presented league coaches with individual and team trophies.

Cring, who has been directing the CYO Basketball League for all 54 of its seasons, presented Chateaugay coach Francis Helm with the first-place trophy after Helm directed his charges to a 12-2 record. Maranatha coach Victory Ortiz was also on the list of stops by Cring, as Ortiz and his team finished second with an 11-3 mark, while Lisa Scharf saw her Citizen Advocates contingent finish fourth with a 10-4 record.

What happened to third place, readers may inquire? Well, that was a special stop for Cring, who presented the third-place trophy to St. John Bosco coach Mike Larocque, as St. John Bosco (10-3 this season) is the only team to participate in the CYO Basketball League and advance to its playoffs in all 54 years of the league’s existence.

Cring also made stops to Bangor coach Scott McCray, FBMM (Fischer, Bessette, Muldowney & McArdle) coach Derek Wescott and Justin Russell, who directed league newcomer Smitty’s Construction. Cring and his wife, Betty, also made the long journey to Ogdensburg for a delivery to Ogdensburg Boys & Girls Club’s first-year coach Andrew Deddeker.

The director also made deliveries to Splinter coaches Don LaMay (Bangor), Jeremy Lamitie and Drew Bombard (St. John Bosco), Rick Keating (FBMM), Oby LaClair (Maranatha) and Kelly Russell (Smitty’s).

“These people deserve a huge thank you for donating their time and efforts so that a large number of our North Country youth have a chance to play a game they love,” stated Cring via email, while also acknowledging assistant directors Wayne Walbridge and Mike LaVoie.

The CYO director also passed along award winners for the 2019-20 season, a year that was cut short by the coronavirus pandemic.

A pair of Frank Purdy Awards were announced, with Citizen Advocates’ Dawson Scharf named as the league’s Best Offensive Player, while Bangor’s Dryden Spinner was named the league’s Best Defensive Player.

Earning team Most Valuable Player Awards are Scott McCray Jr. (Bangor), Cody Woodard (Chateaugay), Sage Sauve (FBMM), Nate Martin (Smitty’s), Brayden Powell (Maranatha), Dawson Scharf (Citizen Advocates), Tyler George (Ogdensburg) and Logan Hohol from St. John Bosco.

The Jeremy Preve Most Improved Player honors went to Brody Hyde (Bangor), Carter Tower (Chateaugay), Ethan LaVare (FBMM), Kelson Preve (Smitty’s), Ryan Avery (Maranatha), Nick Bertrand (Citizen Advocates), Markell Johnson (Ogdensburg) and Seth Gonia (St. John Bosco), while those who garnered an Eric Hosson Sportsmanship Award were Brandon Earl (Bangor), Riley Dupuis (Chateaugay), Skylar Gravel (FBMM), Logan McManon (Smitty’s), Israel Ryman (Maranatha), Alex Hanna (Citizen Advocates), Nick Davidson (Ogdensburg) and Austin Pierson (St. John Bosco).

Splinter Awards were also passed out along Cring’s travels – with the exception of Ogdensburg, which did not field a Splinter team this past winter season. Earning Most Valuable Players Awards were Kaden Jarvis (Bangor), Julia Bosley (Chateaugay), Garrett Osborn (FBMM), Nathan McManon (Smitty’s), Damien McCave (Maranatha), Reiley Smythe (Citizen Advocates) and Derrick Bova (St. John Bosco). Most Improved Awards went to Conner Rust (Bangor), Raven Winters (Chateaugay), Dylan Keating (FBMM), Layla Jarvis (Smitty’s), Jacob Foster (Maranatha), Terrell Mosher (Citizen Advocates) and Logan Larocque (St. John Bosco). Splinter Sportsmanship honors went to Logan Robideau (Bangor), Leena Hosler (Chateaugay), Treysean Morris (FBMM), McKenzie Russell (Smitty’s), Kyle Avery (Maranatha), Dawson Warner (Citizen Advocates) and Ethan Reome (St. John Bosco).

Leotterle Award

The final award Cring announced is the newest of the numerous postseason accolades – the Robert Loetterle Memorial Service Award. Loetterle, who was affectionately known as “Bullet Bob,” was the league longtime scorekeeper and statistician before his passing in January of 2014. This award is presented to a person who goes above and beyond the normal duties of a league assistant. The recipient of the 2019-20 Loetterle Service Award goes to Tyler Preve.

With that said, it leads into Cring’s next email, which deals directly to the Loetterle Scholarship, a league fund set aside to assist college-bound seniors.

Those league participants that this scholarship fund pertains to need to go to the Files section in the left-hand margin on the CYO Basketball League’s Facebook page and select the category that is pertinent to that individual, print and fill out the scholarship application. For underclassmen and non-college bound seniors, print and fill out the Memorial Application. When complete, mail to Ken Cring, 30 Cherry St., Malone, NY, 12953 before May 10. If emailing to Cring, his web address is kennethcring@gmail.com.

“Please make sure to answer every question completely,” Cring concluded.

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