MALONE – Hans Schumacher etched his name into Franklin Academy history during the 31st minute of the boys soccer game against Potsdam Sunday.

Already up 2-0 at home, Ryan Johnston took a corner kick for the Huskies. As the ball descended into the pileup, Sandstoners goalie Ansen Herrick (10 saves) leapt out of the net, right arm extended to try and bat it away.

Schumacher stepped up in the box and met the ball with his head, redirecting it straight into the Potsdam net.

“When he first hit it, I thought for sure Ansen (Herrick) was going to catch it,” Schumacher said. “But he missed it, so I was like, ‘Alright, I’ll take it.’ It was a present really wrapped up for me.”

The scoring play marked Schumacher’s 65th career varsity soccer goal, breaking Joey Honahan’s record of 64.

The Huskies went on to win 4-1, and the game ball now belongs to Schumacher. He noted how thankful he is to not only be the new record holder, but still have the chance to play this far into in the COVID-19 era.

“Well, obviously with other schools closing down all around us, I’m very happy to just be out here just for one game,” he said. “But it looks like we’ll complete the whole season, so it’s fantastic that we’re here. Scoring goals, winning games, feels great.”

Schumacher’s 65th career goal was his third on the day, as the senior capped off a hat trick in the first frame. His first two came unassisted by banging in shots in the sixth and 29th minutes.

On top of the three scores, Schumacher and Trent King shared numerous good looks on offense, making up the majority of Franklin Academy’s 14 shots on goal.

King’s shots would curve just past the posts, while Schumacher’s missed shots were just over the crossbar. The Huskies offense kept the Potsdam back line pinned for the bulk of the first 40 minutes.

“In the first half, I think I was just going for the record, just pile driving everything, dribbling, shooting,” Schumacher said. “But other than that, we started to open up a little more and got shots. The first half, we really just bombarded them. The second half kind of died down.”

The Huskies certainly eased up in the second half following a Sandstoners goal with 32 seconds left from Josh Lin.

“That goal heading into half really gave them excitement and life and stuff,” Franklin Academy coach Chris Yaw said. “I thought Potsdam played a lot better in the second half and we just kind of got a little lackadaisical.”

With 30 minutes left in the game, Jacob Lewis sent King a pass over the middle. King took a shot that bounced off a defender and into the net, solidifying a three-goal lead once more.

Potsdam’s offense looked more alive in the second half and found opportunities to attack the Huskies’ back line while winning midfield battles.

Aidan Langdon made just one save at net for Franklin Academy, as most of the Sandstoners’ shots either bounced off the posts or just missed the mark by inches.

“It was real sloppy. The wind made it real sloppy. It was a little slippery on the grass too,” Yaw said. “I don’t know, we were controlling the ball like we know how to, like it was missed hits and couldn’t get the ball out from under our feet sometimes. But a lot of guys got some good minutes that don’t always get great minutes, so it was nice to rotate it around a bit.”

The Huskies have won six games in a row and are hopeful to not only finish the abbreviated season, but do so strongly with steep competition on the horizon.

“I know if we do that against Canton on Tuesday,” Yaw said on the second half performance, “we’ll be in a lot of trouble.”


Franklin Academy girls soccer was edged by Potsdam, 1-0. Kennedy Emerson netted a goal with five minutes left to prevent an overtime period.

“It was a very good game and it could’ve gone either way,” Franklin Academy girls soccer coach Terry Collins said. “It was probably our best game.”

Brushton-Moira girls soccer defeated St. Lawrence 2-1 behind a pair of goals from Kyla Phelan. Phelan’s first score came in the 21st minute off a cross from Savannah Beachy. The Larries tied the game in the 36th minute after an unassisted goal from Brionna Foster.

Phelan broke the tie during the 73rd minute off a pass from Megan Ashley. Natalie Palmer made three saves for the Panthers in the win.

Chateaugay boys soccer blanked St. Regis Falls, 3-0 on the road.

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