Malone’s Mike Fournier sets new weightlifting record

Mike Fournier sets record in April for combined weight in bench press and deadlift. Submitted photo

SOUTH GLENS FALLS — Despite being plagued with injuries and recovering from a recent neck surgery, on April 10, Malone’s Mike Fournier took over the number one world ranking in the Men’s Masters unlimited 275 push-pull event.

Fournier wasn’t going to compete at that event to leave more time to heal and better prepare for the Nationals which are scheduled to be held in Whitehall in June.

With the contest just days away, Fournier was motivated by what he calls “some mean and nasty” people, according to Fournier.

“I embraced their negativity and decided to compete although I wasn’t really ready for prime time. I made lemon-aid out of their lemons,” Fournier said in a press release.

During the contest, Fournier broke his personal best deadlift record, broke the Metal Militia Powerlifting Federation Masters division 55-59 push-pull record and the world Masters 55-59 record.

The stats are available on tracks more than 700 power lifting federations globally.

In the push-pull event (bench press and deadlift) Fournier easily completed his opening bench press at 500 lbs. On his second attempt with 510 lbs., his shoulder gave out leaving his third attempt behind him.

In his deadlift event, his first attempt was 510 lbs. After getting the weights off the floor about two inches, his hand slipped off the bar and he was red flagged. On his second attempt, still at 510 lbs., Fournier managed to successfully complete the lift; placing him in a tie for the 55-59 Masters world record at 1010 lbs.

For Fournier, this meant on his third and final attempt, for the world record, he had to succeed in lifting his personal best deadlift ever (in a competition) at 515 lbs. and he did so with relative ease.

“The whole time during that final lift, all I pictured were my critics and how I should thank them for inspiring me to find the strength and drive to succeed. I knew I was going to get it,” Fournier said in the press release.

“I learned years ago from Mr. Brown at the Zen Do Kai Karate dojo that the world is full of people who look down on others, so they can feel better about themselves. We called them bullies. Mr. Brown taught us to channel that negativity and to allow our actions speak for us.”

Fournier will not compete this June in the Nationals, but says he’s sure he can lift more weight once healed properly and is looking forward to breaking his record at the Worlds in December 2021.

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