Keegan Monette detailed the biggest lesson athletics has taught him for the Senior Athlete Yearbook. Photo courtesy Keegan Monette

Keegan Monette

Franklin Academy

Class of 2021

Basketball and football

What is the greatest lesson high school athletics has taught you?

“High school sports have taught me so much but the most important, without a doubt, is to never take anything for granted and play every play like it could be your last because as I have learned in this last year, there is a chance I have played my last play and I just do not know it yet. Coaches will always say play every game like it’s your last, and trust me, do it, because you just never know when it could be instantly ripped away from you and you’ll never have that opportunity again, you’ll never have that feeling before a game, those butterflies or that emotion. So, go out and give it all you got, it’s all worth it in the end and never take those little games or those harsh practices for granted embrace all of it, take it all in and just enjoy the ride.”

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