Weber’s tails from the shore

Todd Weber holds a coho fish he caught during his adventures. Photo courtesy Todd Weber

Here’s what went on in this, my 41st year at this. Early season was slooooow due to low water: fish would run the Salmon River at night then hold up in the big pools during the day, only to be surrounded by frantic fisherfolk.

Not our style of fishing at all. We had a couple of trips when we caught a fish or two but once the rains came we finally got to hit our favorite streams and had several glorious days: more than enough fish, good weather and little competition (the latter in part a function of it being later in October when some people turn to deer hunting instead). The accompanying pictures are the result of two of the best of those days and were posted on Shane Muckymuck’s Altmar Outfitters Facebook page.

Larry managed to take his grandson, Lima, on his first salmon trips. Lima landed several fish, including one he caught all by himself. I wasn’t allowed to accompany them for fear I’d be a bad influence – go figure…

If you caught Dave Werner’s column regarding “Amish after early dark,” I was the first driver referenced — missed hitting the invisible buggy head-on by about one foot. I still think about it.

Finally, our very last trip on Nov. 20 ended for me a half hour in: tripped on a root in the woods and went down hard on my right side on compacted gravel. Messed up my ribs and shoulder to the point I couldn’t hold my fishing pole. Docs say deep breaths, ice, heat, rehab exercises and someday I’ll be as good as a 70-year-old with bad habits has a right to expect.

I am NOT getting too old for this – am I?

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