Achievment unlocked: Grow up to be a princess

Amy Gokey


If you asked me when I was three years old what I wanted to be when I grew up, you probably would have heard me say “I want to be a princess”. Although the princess I was thinking of at the time was not the princess I became. I became a princess much more than owning fancy dresses and looking pretty. With the title of the Franklin County Dairy Princess, I have gotten to know many people and expand my passion for the dairy industry. It has taught the importance of speaking about things I love. I am honored to have had this opportunity to promote our dairy farmers and the amazing dairy industry. This past year has been different from others in the past. We have had to maneuver this new “normal” but we got through it together.

Unfortunately I could not do some of the fun events that past princesses have done such as going to the county fair, doing school programs and walking in parades. But this year has been very impactful for me. It has made me a better writer with all of the articles I have written and it has allowed me to become a better public speaker as well. I have also been able to do things that princesses have never done before, I have had interviews over zoom and participated in milk drives throughout the county when pandemic first hit. It has brought me closer to the dairy industry and really pushed me to continue promoting in these troublesome times. I am thankful for the friendships I have created with other princesses across the state, I know these friendships will continue later on into college and into my life. This experience has made my life better and I am thankful for that. Now I can say I achieved my goal of becoming a princess when I grew up.

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Instructions — To freeze fresh watermelon, cut the watermelon into small cubes and place pieces onto a baking sheet. Be sure to spread out the pieces so that they do not touch each other. Place the baking sheet in the freezer for a few hours or until the watermelon is firm to the touch. In a high-powered blender (or food processor), blend 3 cups frozen watermelon cubes, yogurt, milk and lemon juice until smooth and creamy, scraping down the mixture as needed. Add honey if needed for additional sweetness. Serve immediately or freeze to enjoy later

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