MOIRA — After opening up in February, a candy shop in Moira is continuing to add new items to its shelves, and is looking forward to serving new and returning customers.

Sweet Memories Candy Shop is located on High Street in Moira, offering old school and hard-to-find sweets.

“We opened up the store with our motto, which is, we want to be that unique place to get that unique gift,” Jason Noon said, adding he co-owns the store with his wife Christina Noon.

Jason Noon said the shop has a large variety of candy, including old favorites that are hard to find, in addition to new items.

“We are looking to be like the old style candy stores we all grew up with,” Jason Noon said, “We try to carry the hard to find stuff, as I call it the lost items, the stuff that people remember but don’t see anymore. We love bringing back the memories.”

Jason Noon said he likes the old style look of a classic candy shop.

“We are going for that old school look. I like all the old stuff, the things we weren’t able to find, I like the thought of being able to find something that brings back a memory to people,” Jason Noon said, “For me, I want people to leave with that memory of what they had as a kid, which is why we called it Sweet Memories Candy Shop.”

Jason Noon said it is also nice to be able to help spread smiles at the store.

“I like bringing back the memories for people, plus making new memories for kids, they walk in and see all this, they see stuff that they know of but they also see all the stuff they never knew was around, their parents get excited and they get excited too,” Jason Noon said, “For us it is the smiles on the kids’ faces.”

Christina Noon said the couple is always on the lookout for more candy to add to their shop’s shelves.

“We get new stuff in weekly and we are constantly looking online for old fashioned candy,” Christina Noon said, “We get a lot of people who come in and say you got this, you got that, I missed this.”

Jason Noon said the shop also offers local candy, including stained glass candy made in Malone.

According to Jason Noon, the store also offers five cent candy and international varieties of candy, potato chips and soda that have been featured on TikTok, a video-sharing social media platform.

Some of these items include Portuguese chips and Mexican candy, according to Jason Noon.

Jason Noon said he has been excited to see business pick up at the shop and is looking forward to the summer.

“We are looking at, in the summertime, possibly doing popcorn, cotton candy, and if I can get my hands on it, maybe snow cones, and the old style ice creams, the character ice creams you used to be able to find in ice cream trucks, we are looking to get that kind of stuff as well,” Jason Noon said, “We are looking forward to more kids coming in and the excitement coming from the kids.”

Christina Noon said she also enjoys seeing how excited kids are when they visit the store.

“Just that feeling we had when we were kids,” Christina Noon said, “I love seeing the kids come in here, it is so fun.”

The candy shop features a Pac-Man video game, with about ten other games, a popular item with the shop’s younger visitors, according to Christina Noon.

“It has got Pac-Man, Dig Dug, all kinds of games and anybody who comes is more than welcome to sit down and paly it,” Jason Noon said.

Located at the couple’s home, on 16 High Street, the shop is open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., daily.

“What better place to start a business than right at home,” Jason Noon said.

According to Jason Noon, updates on items and if the business needs to be closed for the day can be found on their Facebook page, A Touch of Glass/Sweet Memories Candy Shop.

“We post daily as to new stuff coming in, or if new stuff has come in,” Jason Noon said, “We also tell anybody who comes in, if there is anything you are looking for let us know, and we will see what we can do to get it and find out if they make it anymore.”

The candy shop is not the only business located at the High Street location, according to Jason Noon, who said the couple’s other business, A Touch of Glass, offers custom decals and custom clothing, in addition to engraved mirrors and etched glassware.

“I sell probably 50 to 60 mirrors every Christmas, so I wanted to keep going with them,” Jason Noon said.

Jason Noon said the location started with the engraving business before expanding to incorporate the candy shop.

“I do hand engravings on mirrors, we do t-shirts and hats, all kinds of different stuff,” Jason Noon said, “I started off with that and then we decided we wanted to start going with the old-style candy store.”

According to Jason Noon, about six or seven years ago the couple ran a ceramics and candy store at the same location, but since shutting down the couple would get inquiries about opening another candy store.

“We have been asked many times by people who came, why we don’t have the candy store open anymore,” Jason Noon said, “So we said you know what, we are going to open it up and push the candy more.”

Jason Noon said his favorite candy was fruit-flavored tootsie rolls and Christina Noon said her favorite is 5th Avenue bars.

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